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  • Home and family

    There’s a chickadee that has visited my feeder for three winters now. All chickadees look the same except for this one: it’s leucistic – part of its black head is white. So it stands out. When I don’t see it, I miss it. When I see it again, I smile. This chickadee is part of […]

  • Getting away and bringing it all

    The Highlands sure is getting bigger. As we’ve reported, our County has the fastest-growing population in Ontario and fourth fastest in Canada. Whether it’s people retiring to the family cottage, buying a second home or purchasing a property to rent out to others for August weekends, this place is booming. There’s certainly an allure in […]

  • Repairing our stories of happiness

    Who would have thought the revolution would begin on Maple Avenue in Haliburton village? Hats off to SIRCH, whose repair café is shining a light on consumption run amok and providing a counterpoint that’s 100 per cent in tune with who we are as Highlanders. Back after a pandemic-enforced break, the repair café is an […]