Day 18 – Glasses

A couple of years ago, I started to need reading glasses. First it was medicine bottles, then books, then my computer. If you’re of a certain age, you know how it goes.

So off I went and bought a drugstore pair. They were wonderful. How clear the world was when I had them on!

The trouble was, I kept losing them. I’d wander from room to room and leave them in the place I wasn’t. Or I’d go to the office and forget them at home. Or I’d go home and forget them at the office.

So I bought another pair. That worked for a while, until I found myself losing two pairs.

So I bought two more pairs. Now all my glasses are strategically placed around my world: two at home, one at the office, and one in my bag that goes everywhere I go.

I still lose them, however. Most often it’s when I forget I’m already wearing them.

I learned the secret to tolerating this: to live with my fading eyes and fading memory. The glasses weren’t lost, they were mislaid. Totally different. They’ll be found again.

Turns out this is a good lesson for life too. Remember that feeling of OKness? That sense of almost joy when you feel aligned with the world, connected with all that’s good? When you’re home?

Life has a way of losing that feeling too. Things and thoughts get in the way and we find ourselves wandering around lost and stressed. It feels bad because we’re not home.

You can see the good news coming, right? That feeling of home can be found, if we stop a minute. We can remember where we put it and the world is clear and bright once more.

We’d been wearing home all the time but we never knew.