What I’m Reading

  • Reading as of [[July 17th, 2020]]
    • [[Atomic Habits]] by [[James Clear]]
    • [[Rewilding our Hearts]] by [[Marc Bekoff]]
    • [[Transcend]] by [[Scott Barry Kaufman]]
    • [[The Nature Principle]] by [[Richard Louv]]
    • [[The Solace of Open Spaces]] by [[Gretel Ehrlich]]
    • [[The Wild Remedy]] by [[Emma Mitchell]]
    • [[Early Retirement Extreme]] by by [[Jacob Lund Fisker]]
    • [[McMindfulness]] by [[Ronald Purser]]
    • [[The Art of Possibility]] by [[Rosamund Stone Zander]]
    • [[The Science of Enlightenment]] by [[Shinzen Young]]
    • [[How to Do Nothing]] by [[Jenny Odell]]
    • [[The Manual]] by [[Epictitus]]
    • [[Range]] [[David Epstein]]
    • [[The Second Mountain]][[David Brooks]]

Projects I am working on

The Highlander newspaper and Home in the Highlands supplement

The intersection of nature and mindfulness